Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Star Wars Armada - My 3rd Game

Today I had my third game of Aramada against Leslie.  Thanks to Jason for designing/build the Empire fleet I used.  Here are photos of the day with commentary.

The initial setup and first turn.  My brave Admiral chose to expose himself
off on my right flank with two Tie Squadrons to "protect" him.

OK I admit I don't know how to use my fighter squadron yet.  Leslie used his
ships to great effect and harassed my ships no end.  The Outpost was the victory

My Admiral watched in dismay as the fast Rebel ships zipped
across the board with impunity.

Really feeling the love from Rebel fire power.  The "Not the Admiral's Ship"
copped a fair amount of abuse, but the repair orders I had the ship constantly on
saved his bacon in the end.

End game in sight, Darth Vader shuttled across (well that's what I
was calling the mission).  I reduced the "Not the Admiral's Ship" to 0
speed and sat right next to the objective.  Even not being able to use
defense tokens allowed the Rebels to destroy it.

The end.  My "Not the Admiral's Ship" survived thanks to constant
repair to shields.  It did suffer 3 damage in the end, but no criticals.

Admiral Leslie contemplating how the hell I managed a win!
With a few games under my belt now I can say that the game is well worth investing in.  The movement stick takes out a lot of the arguments with where a ship ends it turn.  Playing the game with mission conditions makes the game more than a slug fest and adds a depth that allows victory to come by ways other than total annihilation.

Highly recommend to those who like Star Wars and space combat, it's up there with X-Wing.

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