Sunday, June 28, 2015

Arena of Death - courtesy of BPLaser

I need to wax lyrical about a small Brisbane based company called BPLaser.  They have to be the most responsive business I know when it comes to listening to a clients designs and producing an end product worthy of high praise.  I will for the next couple of months post some pictures of their pieces and my attempts to bring them to life on the table.

Here is the arena I asked Paul to create.  It's official title is Arena MkIII (don't ask what happened to MkII).  More pictures in due course, I have to clear the table for a game of Napoleonics tonight with Andrew R.

The arena is modular, with each three wall section allowable to be removed for ease of transport.  I've elected to glue mine in.  The base board allows for miniature games that use movement by tape, while in the top right corner you can see hexes for those systems that use that as movement.  The doors to the arena are removable.  They are very nice.

If you want to find out more of BPLaser then here is their link: BPlaser

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