Saturday, May 23, 2015

Oz Super Series Brisbane 23 May 2015

The Brisbane event has been run and won.  At the time of writing this I don't have any rankings to indicate where who came where, but when I do I shall pass it on.

My involvement was with the Bling Pig, as we hosted the venue and staffed the counter, providing drinks, nibbles and lunch.  A selection of BPLaser products were also on sale.

The day from the Blind Pig perspective was Paul, Leslie and myself staffing the counter, telling stories and jokes to pass the while.  We were joined briefly by Jason with coffee for Paul, and also had the company of Tim, who spent a number of hours with us, making the time literally fly by before his missus chased him up by text and he fled in "terror" (no not really, just making that up)!

Was a long day for me, was there at 7am and got home at 6:45pm (thank goodness I'm only a few minutes away from the venue).  I think getting old has it's price...

So here are the photos from the day.  There may be some comments where I know people, but generally it will be just examples of the days event.



Here are the results courtesy of IF.

Most of the shots taken were from the 1st round pairings.
This one was my old friend Glen T against David L.

Trent versus Allen

The hall in action and filled.

The chap on the right was a very nice lad.  Was chatty, came and shook
the hands of the BP crew and thanked us for our work. 

Go Jamie!

The Dais of Judgment, Gavin Highoverlord

The prizes and trophies.

The last round with the winner of the event on the left.

A nap for Paul.

I think Gav was pulling a prize/award out of somewhere?

The start of the awards ceremony.  Sadly everyone always goes
to the other side or has their backs to me when I act as cameraman.
There were photos taken by the tablet is not great at fast photos.

The expectant hordes waiting to see the outcome.

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