Monday, May 18, 2015

Aeion Prelude to Oblivion by Luke Traven

How many people can claim they have written and published a novel?  Not many, how many can claim to personally know the author? Most likely even fewer.

Last Friday I received a visit from the author and given what he informed me was the second copy of his book given out.  It is a great privilege to receive this book and the visit.  I am currently reading the book at present, I had hoped to have read the book by Sunday but my health stuffed me around and I've been too tired to do anything but sleep.

I had a cryptic message from him asking him what year I was born in.  I was cryptic in return, making the response BC, which is the truth (you read it on the internet remember).  This number was the issue number he provided me for the exclusive and limited edition holograph memorabilia.

Thank you Luke.

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