Friday, April 24, 2015

More Undead On the Way

So I'm finding that having reduced internet service and access to pay TV, I'm painting more.  Next lot for my Undead are some armoured skeletons and various skeletons.  Many thanks to Simon G and Aaron T for their contributions to my undead.  Apologies to Rob L who I know is chasing some of the models I have.

Armoured skeletons.  One short of a unit of 20.
I could add a character, but there is already a wight in
the unit, though I guess I could say he is the unit champion.
Damn OCD.

Assorted skeletons, again one short of a unit of 20.
The standard bearer though I think was for zombies but
at this stage at least I have a command.

My well organised studio!  Every time I go to clean it up all I find
is other projects I need to complete or be distracted by.
I need what I think young people call an "open plan" house.

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