Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Luck or fate?

Was discussing with my treating specialist this morning luck and whether I believed in it.

luck n. 1. (Chance as bestower of) good or ill fortune, fortuitous events affecting one's interests, person's apparent tendency to be (un)fortunate, supposed tendency of chance to bring a succession of (un)favourable events;

I had to have a long think about that.  My response was "luck is what other people have".  "So you believe in luck" was what I was then asked.  I guess by thinking you have none confirms that you must therefore believe in it.

I think for me I believe more in fate.

fate n., & v.t. 1. n. Power predetermining events unalterably from eternity.

For me luck or good things are things that happen to other people.  While I do suffer luck on an occasional blue moon, I think I have more unwarranted bad luck or unhappiness than the average person would or should suffer in a life time.

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