Thursday, April 9, 2015

A day of fun - Dreadball and Deadzone

I think that Mantic Games has hit the nail on the head with the games that it has developed at present.  I particularly enjoy Dreadball and Deadzone.  Today I had my friend Michael S come over for a couple of games.

First up was Deadzone.  Orxs versus Rebels.  Close, so close.  Things didn't look good for Michael when his leader was taken out early in the game.  I managed to use command ability to the best effect.  Michael won in the end.

Michael enjoying himself playing his Martians
Martians, what can I say.  Rayguns and throwing balls, what more could you ask for. Judwan had a fast flowing game, no dropped balls, and I think only one failed throw (trying to hit a Martian in the back of the head).  I was up 4-0 by turn 13 for Michael (his last chance to bring the game back).  He did it, The game was back to 0-0 on the last turn.  I had two players left on the field (two dead, two in sin bin).  The 3 point goal was too far away and well guarded, so I went for the safe 1 point goal, making it and winning the game 1-0.  The die rolls were unbelievable!  Here are some photos of Michael's rolls.
Two die roll turned into 5 successes!

Another two die roll turned into six success.

It was one of those games, which makes Dreadball such a fun and fast game to play and enjoy.

As always many thanks to Michael S for coming over today and playing some games.

Yours truly wishing his dice were....

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