Saturday, September 13, 2014

My thoughts on the GJMWT

It's 3:45am in the morning.  My mental health is agitated to the point of mania, so here I am, at my keyboard, writing (or venting) my frustrations with the world.

Some people (who may not even read this blog) will think that this post is a dummy spit, well maybe it is but I feel that I need to write something not directly linked to the pages for the event.  I respect the event and tournament organisers but I feel that there needs to be a change in the way some things are done or handled.

When an event is run, if you publicise to the community that these are the categories in the event, you do not suddenly exclude a category on the day because a trophy wasn't provided.  For me I only found out that the category had been dropped was at the beginning of the fourth round  Some people, of whom I class myself as one, have some skill in modelling and painting.  So when you see a category for best painted, I know that I have to put in the effort to compete for that goal, as I feel that I every chance to achieve it.

The right thing to have done on the day was to run the scoring for the category, decide a winner and apologise that there is no trophy on the day and that one will be provided to the winner at a later date.

I also think that for events with a painting category, that it should really be labeled "Players Choice", as this better reflects the nature of visual presentation, rather than some technical application which many will not even comprehend of painting or modelling.

My other concern is the competition for last place or the "Thanks for Coming" trophy.  This has been normally been awarded to a person who has been incredibly unlucky or incompetent, perhaps both.  This year it appeared to me that the level of play undertaken by some to achieve this place is diminishing the importance that was once attached to this place.  I have twice won the "Thanks for Coming" at the GJ and I feel I truly represent the most unluckiest bastard on this planet.

I'd like to see the "Thanks for Coming" replaced with the category which covers, painting, behaviour (some call it sportsmanship) and performance on the day.  This I think truly reflects what the event needs.

These are of course my opinions and will in all likelihood not have any impact on the annual event but they needed to be said, they are based on 30 odd years of being involved in and running events and tournaments.

I feel very much like Mr Nutt from Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett.
"Am I of worth, do I have value."

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