Friday, September 19, 2014

Dog Country - The British are coming...

Always prepared to show a stiff upper lip, the British have arrived in Dog Country.

Dog Country is an online American West campaign run through Snake Eyes magazine.  Coordinated by Nick Chase this will prove to be a rip roaring game of fun, skulduggery and mayhem.

Check the latest issue of Snake Eyes for more details.

Snake Eyes - Dog Country

While the photographer has miniatures to reflect the in-game play, I thought I'd share my vision of my "cowboys".  Winning back the Empire, one fight at a time.

Captain Jack, Royal Navy, 20 years service, currently on leave
conducting special services for the Crown.

Purser Livingstone and "ship's boy" Bob!
Bob has breasts but Livingstone is sure they will clear up
with stern application of tonic.  Currently chasing Bob Tonic for the cure!

Lieutenant (pronounced leftenent for those not in the Empire) Cambourne

Seamen Dyman, Page and Redcliffe

Master Jenkins, had a touch of the sun and gone "native".

Boatswain Clayfield (seated) and Surgeon Stafford

Sergeant Major Randall, they don't like that steel up 'em, they don't!

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