Saturday, September 27, 2014

Deadzone Terrain - Laser cut MDF

My friend Michael S gave to me just over a week ago a bag of laser cut buildings.  After a brief set of instructions from Michael (of which I think much went in one ear and out the other) I started putting the buildings together.  Yes I sent Michael a few messages with a "please explain how this goes together".  These buildings were designed by Michael and once I worked out how it all went together I was happy with the end results.  BP Laser cut the MDF.

I stuck with a simple paint scheme.  I used a grey primer spray (can) to undercoat the buildings.  I then chose some colours which I had bought from a bargain shop ($2 a tube), black, green, ochre yellow, red, white, grey and yellow.  You can see the end results in the pictures below.  Once the paint dried I gave all the buildings a gloss varnish.  I chose gloss this time just to give the buildings a durability that wouldn't be achieved if I had not varnished (even a flat varnish).

So thanks to Michael for his generosity in gifting me these buildings.  I appreciate and value all my friends who give that vital support that allows me to struggle on for another day.

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