Saturday, December 21, 2013

What the Food?!

For more years than I can remember my faithful family retainer visits me and the family at Christmas.  I look forward to rumballs (that are so OP that I can't drive after eating more than one) and pudding (though this year it was a tart).  So to my "old china plate" Sir Anthony Richards, thank you.  The food will be consumed (hopefully only by me) and the game we will all have to play shortly.

So this is the gift that Ants got for me.  He pitched in for the Kick Starter of this game, which got him all the goodies, which I also was able to benefit from.  He tells me he visited his sister and played it to the wee hours of the morning, as she wanted to keep playing it.  So that must speak well of how the game plays.  So stay tuned, I'll post something eventually about it in due course.  I will be bringing this to the first Blind Pig of 2014 to give it a whirl.

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