Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Naval Warfare WWII Update

Here are pictures of what I have at present.



Australian, German, French


All in shot

Yes it's a really glossy sea table I have.  It's one of the two boards I have.  Generally I only use one board for my games of Uncharted Seas or Dystopian Wars.  Not sure how I will convert these ships across to Battlewagon.  Still trying to come up with a plan.

On a personal note I'm not in a good place at the moment.  My neighbour behind my property is taking me to GCAT over their demands for approx $2.5K for a new fence. This is money I don't have and most likely will never see outside of winning Lotto or living to see retirement and superannuation.  It's been extremely hard focusing on things to take my mind of the stress of this situation.  I'm not succeeding.  These are things that always happen to other people, being one of those other people puts you in another world all together.  I do not wish it on anyone.  The Christmas period is never a good time of the year for me, it and my birthday are the two danger periods to my continued existence.  Death is not an obstacle or hindrance to me.  So I guess that if I stop blogging then you may know the reason why.

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