Monday, October 10, 2011

Start of the Week

It's the start of the week.  Things are looking marginally better than they did from Saturday.

My beautiful wife is doing a Certificate II in Hospitality.  Part of the programme required her to do 2 weeks work experience with a business.  Things were going good until Saturday.  The owner or part owner of the business sacked Chelle because she gave him the wrong steak.  Having worked in the education & training world I know what is required of people who are doing work experience.  Chelle was tossed in the deep end.  No one knew who she was on the first day.  Her appearance was not young and good looking.  There was little or no mentoring.  Quite frankly it was a joke.  If this had been real life work, Chelle would have had a very good ground for unfair dismissal.  What concerned us the most was that there was a clause in her placement that said that should she not attend any shift she could lose 7 weeks unemployment benefits.  When you are already getting pittance the lose of that meager amount would have been catastrophic.  Happily it all worked out today.  Chelle has passed her course! 

So I have started to ease myself back into painting.  Just picking a few models and badgering away.  The left arm causes me some twinges, as my muscles react to the stitches.  Thankfully I got the dressing off without any drama.  In previous cases I've had the wound bleed and then congeal into the bandages, making life painful in removing them.  The wounds look real clean, and apart from the scars should heal well. 

Found Reboot and am enjoying it immensely.  Love the humour.

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