Thursday, October 13, 2011


I knew if I went searching enough I'd find it for the ECW time period.

Thanks to Fanaticus (you can see the link on my side bar) I have found the DBA~RRR amendments that allow you to play the Renaissance, Reformation and Restoration period.  Very happy with this.


Well I bought the Field of Glory:Renaissance rules and Wars of Religion companion and having started to read the rules, and examining the lists, I have a lot of figures to paint.  The nut cruncher is that I have to produce two armies, with twice the amount of work.  Guess I'm getting lazy.  However I am happy that I did buy the rules, they are rather nice.  I do recommend that you get yours through QBD as the price is a lot more competitive than some of the LGS.

So I'm off to ponder my ECW now in DBA~RRR.  Will post pictures when things come to hand.

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