Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some new purchases!

At present Warhammer Historical is having a 50% off sale on all their rule books.  I could not help myself, not at 50% off.  I was just thinking of buying one of the titles for The Great War, but the sale made things far too tempting.

In the end I got Waterloo, Gladiator and Over the Top.  Waterloo, obviously Napoleonics.  Gladiator, hopefully a useable set of gladiatorial combat rules.  Lastly Over the Top which is an extra sourcebook for The Great War ruleset.  All up, including the postage, just under $70AUS.  Considering that some Australian shops want about $60AUS for just one of them, I'm ahead by miles.

So having gone back to historial games for the moment I decided to lash out for the Field of Glory rule sets.  My source, QBD.  Yes the retail chain stocks some wargaming books, I even found roleplaying games hidden in their as well.  The English Civil War (ECW) has always been a favourite period for me, mainly because my family played a part in Montroses army in the North.  We have always remained Royalists and if by any indication of my children, will continue to be so.  It's a nice feeling really.  I'm wandering again.  Anyway I bought the Field of Glory: Renaissence rulebook and Wars of Faith, which covers the ECW period.  What was nice is that any orders with QBD over $60 are post free.  In the end I got the books for about $72.  Again another bargain as one retailer has the rulebook for $60 plus postage.  Score!

So at present I'm 2-0.  Extremely poor, but now chaffing at the bit for my books to arrive.

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