Sunday, October 24, 2010

What price for longevity?

Well the title says it all. What is the price for longevity?

Those who know me will therefore know from the tone I've been to the doctors. I'm now looking at why I should spend money for an increased life span of say 5 years. To obtain this you need Private Health, Private Hospitals and Doctors who don't know the word "poor". Why should someone have to begger their family just to squeeze another few years of life out of a decaying body?


I hear the usual talk of "yes we can have a cure in that period of time". Yes indeed you could but it wouldn't be available to any but the rich. By the time the treatments came down to the level of the common man (and boy do I hate even trying to accept that label) my use by date is all over. Quite frankly I'm worth more dead to my family than I am alive. So why would I shell out thousands of dollars for a temporary cure (and that's not even guaranteed) when I can die content in the knowledge that my family will be financially better off.

As far as I'm concerned life sucks.

So everyone, just give me a few days to recover and I'll be back to "normal".



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