Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday: Update

Wednesday I had my friend Andrew drop round for a game of Napoleonics. Andrew draws up the lists and I just attempt to use them with my usual lack of finesse. Out of principle I refuse to play the French, so I had a go at two 1000 point games. The first list was Anglo-Portugese the second Anglo-German. I "won" both games, which is a bit of a shocker for me. However in my defence I did have a couple of really good die throws that chewed Andrew's forces to pieces. I'm almost tempted to dig out my Prussians and start painting them again.

Rest of this week has been a bit lack. I have pottered here and there. Opening this box, reading that book, moving things from one side of my lair to the other. What I did do was clear my game table (which is the only reason that Andrew got a game on Wednesday). So as long as I don't get the hankering to create some more terrain or store things "temporarily" on it, I can have even more games.

Had one of my school chums ring me and have a chat. Michaels coming for a lightning raid... er visit. This means I have to clean up the house now! Damn it. Well it's not too bad, at least the house will get the clean I've been putting of for months.

My War Rocket fleet for the Valkeeri has been finished. I think I've got enough ships for the Valkeeri to last me for the moment. I now need to think about an opposing fleet for them. Zenithians are the current favourites. But who knows.

Sam's Gremlins are now all finished. Yaah! The look magnificant (by this humble entities opinion - I really don't have an ego).

Now looking at Colettes Crew.

So till next, remember games are meant to be fun.


John "Mad Jack McD" "Crazy Old Man"

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