Friday, September 29, 2017

A Very Quiet Time...

This month has been very quiet.  Nothing has happened since the club meet on the 2nd September.  So sad, but that's my life at the best of times.  In an emergency call, otherwise leave well alone...

I have been slowly adding to my board game collection as a result.  No idea why, I guess I'm waiting for a horde of friends to support me. (Yes I'm bitter and twisted.)

Liked the looks of this game, watched some play throughs and reviews, consulted BGG and came to conclusion it was worth the money.  My only concern it keeping the die faces from being lost or becoming too loose from play (highly unlikely).
For more information about Dice Forge check the LINK to BGG.

A very nice production set, overpriced but so nice to have.  I think that this will be better than Love Letter in the long run.
For more information about Lovecraft Letter check the LINK to BGG.

So disappointed in the fact that the copy I have is not similar to the copy I have played.  I now need to find the expansions...  Happy to at least own a copy, even if it's not quite what I wanted.
For more informatiion about Machi Koro check the LINK to BGG.

Yes I was attracted to this but the price (cheap and within my budget).  I now check my game purchases through the means I've noted previously.  I'm looking forward to giving this game a go - soon with luck.
For more information about Notre Dame check the LINK to BGG.

The most lacklustre packaging for a game.  A plain cardboard box with Secret Hitler marked on the front.  No information about the game at all anywhere on the box to explain what's in the box.  I guess they were expecting word of mouth to sell the game.  I only bought this game through the generosity of Games World (Carindale) who allowed me to check out their opened box.  After checking the internet for more information and seeing a game in action I decided that it was worth purchasing.  Hopefully this will get a game at the next club meet in October.

For more information about Secret Hitler check the LINK to BGG.

My son raved about this show and finally I sat down and watched it - as a result I am hooked on this nonsensical series.  I had to watch a YouTube clip to understand how to play the game, only because I'm getting lazy with the desire to read rules.

For more information about Total Rickall check the LINK to BGG.

In ending I must thank a couple of people (who wish to remain anonymous) for support in obtaining these games.  As a pensioner I don't have much cash, so to have some generous benefactors engenders much gratification and happiness from me.  Thank you.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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