Monday, January 23, 2017

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Will be picking this one up in a little while, placed it on lay-by the other day.  Have played it a number of times with the people at the Blind Pig Games Club (Brisbane) and thoroughly enjoyed it, so seeing the game hit the shelves at Games World Carindale I had to get it (well lay-by it).  Yes I know at least one of my friends has a copy but like everything these days I look back and see and kick myself for not having bought that game thinking that I'd never have to because I'd always be able to play it because X would always be in my game circle.  I know better these days.

I seem to be moving away from miniatures these days as I'm unable to motivate myself to paint.  Must be due to not having anyone who is in my circle (what circle - yes I'm being pessimistic) of friends who play regular miniature games (e.g. 40K or Warmachine), board games appear for the moment to be far easier and get more people interacting.  For me at least interacting with 3 to 5 other people is better that just one.  I'm not saying that the one person I'd play is not worth the effort to game against, or that the interaction would be any less stimulating.  It is just a different level of dynamics.  Hmmm... wonder if I've dug a deep enough hole to of offended anyone, not that that has been the intention.

And because I'm the dictator I am here's a meme (is that what they are called?) from facebook that tickled my fancy.  Enjoy till my next rambling post of nonsense!

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