Sunday, April 10, 2016

No game system is perfect... from 1978

As part of ennui I've been able to do nothing but shuffle about the house and the best I can manage is cataloging my extensive collections (long overdue).  Problem is as you do this you find books you've not looked at in ages, games not opened etc.  I chanced to read this editorial introduction by Scott B. Bizar penned in 1978 for Destrier.

He states that "no game system is perfect and no game system should be played exactly as written."

Wow, what a statement to make, and how many people today would rip his head of, troll him and take him to task over his audacity that game systems aren't perfect.  I know that the evil empire would take exception to anyone thinking their games weren't perfect! 

However I think he has a good point, no system is ever perfect.  There will always be someone who will find the typo that exploits the intent, a rules lawyer that will interpret the intent of the written over the intended.  Games for me have always been about having fun, the rules are there to allow me to determine outcomes, if my group don't like the system, we move to another or if someone is skilled enough makes changes that hopefully don't unbalance play. 

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