Sunday, April 10, 2016

How the times change

My family have been involved in retail for many years, a lot of it has since the 70's been hobby related.  Below are just a few photos of the past I thought I'd share, but like my memory, a bit vague on accurate details.

I believe this is one of the shop fronts of a Hobby & Toyland store in the 70's, not sure of it's location.
 When the Second World War progressed and the Japanese moved closer to Australia all women and children (and I believe non essential civilians) were sent to Brisbane or further south, commonly referred to as the Brisbane Line.  My mother and her family were no exception, my grandfather married into the family and he being of Chinese stock was not permitted to fight for Australia in the front lines, for fear at the time he would be mistaken for the enemy.  Instead he worked at Kangaroo Point ship yards maintaining the vessels that supplied Port Morsby and Papua New Guinea.

Sometime in the late 1940's, most likely 50's as the shelves are well stocked. 

I believe this is the shop my grandparents ran it  is now a chiropractors business.  Doesn't look like that now though.

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