Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kings of War - Elves

One of the things that I really like about the Kings of War rules set is the versatility that the game (currently) allows when it comes to figures and basing.

I have not played WFB for a very long time, I think 2007 may have been the last throw of the dice for the game at that time.  Though I did start to play 3rd Edition WFB with a friend, but he's wandered off to Warmachine/Hordes and I've found Kings of War.

Below are my miniatures which I have re-based or used as is for the troop types in this game.

The above shot is the entire Elf army which is an amalgamation of my Wood Elves and High Elves.

 In the forefront are my Lothern Sea Guard which have now become the Therennian Sea Guard.  Beside them are Maiden Guard which I can play as Therennian Sea Guard or use as Kindred Tallspears.

My dryads were a problem child, as they were the only troop types that fit the concept of Hunters of the Wild..  They are on 25mm square bases (like Orcs), and I did sacrifice 20 of them to squeeze them onto troop (10) base.  They look good but it was a real problem to add flocking and paint the sections between the models.  Hence the Regiment (20) only have 12 on the base, but I can get in there and paint and flock between the section.  The foot print is fine, short a few figures but as you don't have to pull casualties from the group all is good.  As long as your opponent knows what they are is all that counts.

The Treekind became Forest Shamblers and the Treemen Tree Herders.  No issues with basing here at all.

 Chariots were fine, though I have the problem with other races where there are scythes jutting from the wheels.  Not sure how I will tackle that one, but in the case of the Elves it worked out.

The Wood Elf Glade Riders made he easy transition to Silverbreeze Cavalry.

 The Stormwind Cavalry have come from a number of sources.  I've used the Silver Helms, Dragon riders, and Wild Riders to make 4 Regiment (10) units.  I even had to use the hounds from Orion to get the figure count for one unit of Silver Helms. 

 For Palace Guard I used the Phoenix Guard and Swordmasters.  I can also use the Glade Guard as either Palace Guard or Kindred Tallspears.

 My assorted characters.  Drakon Rider Lord, Mage on horse, Standard bearer, General on horse, Argus Rodinar and Green Lady.

Dragon Kindred Lord and the Wood Elf Warhawks I am currently using to represent Drakon Riders.

Missing, but seen in the group shot are the Elvish archers.  Mixture of Wood and High Elves.

So there you have, my entire collection of WFB Elves have merged across into Kings of War with very little qualm.  There is about 5,500 points of Kings of War units, more than enough to allow some leeway in troop selection for 2000 point games. Now to get some more games under my belt.

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