Sunday, October 11, 2015

Celebrating 30 Years Marriage

Today 12th October 1985 I married Michelle Green and now 30 years later we celebrate that day of being together.  Those 30 years have been filled with love, hope, fears, and tears.  We survived the hatred directed at us as a couple, active attempts to wreck our marriage by family members and just the struggle to survive in a world that has become uncaring and cruel.

It would seem fate plays its hand in my affairs as yesterday I brought up a set of file draws for Chelle to sort through.  In those files were two cards that I wrote to my wife, one was the card I gave her when I proposed to her. The second was a card I gave her after our first date in which I expressed my desire to be with her and that should she not wish to be my companion to tell me so that we could both move on.  It was something I cannot even remember, but clearly I did as there was the proof.

After 30 years who amongst the bridal party do we still consider in touch, well that would only be three, they being Michael Mulhern, Anthony Richards and Monica Dixon.  Good friends to Chelle and I, and I hope will continue to be so.

Where to now?  We will continue to be a couple for as long as we live.

Thank you Michelle for 30 years marriage.

Best Man Anthony Richards with Fr Kevin Aspinall,
Chelle and Michael Mulhern in background.

Bride and father Gilbert Green, Bridesmaids, Kerry, Monica, Lynda, and Jane

Bridal party at Roma Street

Bride maids: Kerry, Jane, Lynda, Monica

Brides father Gilbert Green

Brides Mother: 

One of the twins, I think Monica?

My three favourite girls, the twins and my wife.

Jane McDonnell

This photo did some showing in cinemas advertising the photographers business.

Parents of the Bride and Groom

Brides Family

My favourite priest Fr Kevin Aspinall

Grooms Family

Danny and Peggy, Uncle and Aunt of Chelles.

My grandfather Alan See Hoe

The Richards Family: Colleen, Debbie and Andy

Edward John McDonnell

Alex Moutsatsos, Robert McCord, Me, Michael Mulhern, Anthony Richards

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