Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wild Wild West Building Project

I have been asked to build some buildings for an upcoming Wild West game that will be coming up soon.

I have to produce a Farm House, Bunk House and Stable/Barn.

Here is what I have done today.  I confess that it has been a larger drain on resources than I had planned.  I think the other buildings will be shell frames with the details on the outside.  Still happy with the results.  Yes it still looks rough, but the Western buildings were not built by master builders in the days.  They were drafty, vermin infested and would not pass building codes today.

So enjoy, and look forward to more.

The starting frame.

Door frames up.

Windows.  I've used plastic craft sheets that are used for
sewing projects (minds gone blank as to the correct name).

Windows where they will be placed.

Windows up.

All windows are up.

Floor laid.

More internal walls.

The internals all done.

Window shutters inserted,

Logs for the external walls.

Front porch.

All but the roof and then a tidy up.

1 comment:

  1. Very impressive build. Especially the interior framing of the walls and the raised flooring. Kudos.