Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wild Wild West Building Project Part 2

Have finished the bunk house for my mate Glen.  Have now started on the farm house.

Should have taken a "selfie" of myself today.  I've got a severs case of lung rot and I had a face mask on to stop any fine particles adding to my hacking fits.

Here's the step by step photos.


The roof section for the Bunk House.  Tiles have been added (no photo though)

The frame of the farm house.

The door was originally where the fireplace is now placed.
I had a problem of the door being out of alignment,
that and the fact I had forgotten about the fireplace.

Fireplace section.

Windows added.

All windows up and in place.

Walls and floor done.

Just the roof to go (actually almost finished at time of this post)

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