Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Second Hand and Owned Items - What are they worth?

Yes I know that I've had a say about this before but I'm really really angry with the attitude and opinion that people have as to what the worth of an item is.

Please explain to me why you think that an item you bought is worth MRP (Merchant Retail Price)?  Why?

Why do you think that because you have spent $X on getting your figures painted that they are worth more than the cost of the item involved?

In many areas where a person spends (and I'm thinking of cars) ridiculous amounts of money on customising or upgrades and expects to recoup the money they spent.  It just doesn't happen in the real world.

So people, either you have too much money (which must be the case) or your brains are in your arse.

For me I will never look at more than 50% of original price.  Here in Australia I look at $5 for lead, $3 for plastic.  The more you want to sell the less you can expect.

I am gobsmacked when people ask $1000 or more for armies.  Who the hell has $1000 just lying around to pick up a supposed bargain?  I don't.  If I had that sort of money I'd be using it very wisely.

I also find that what an item may sell for in one location is not what it will sell for in another.

I also dislike the vultures that buy for a bargain and sell for a profit.

Well that's my whinge for the day.  No wonder when I was younger I was called a "whinging pom"!

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  1. Without being contrary for it's own sake - who cares what people ask for? People can ask for as much as they like - and let's be blunt - if someone else wants to pay it, then so be it. I'm a bit of a tightarse personally, and won't pay excessive amounts - while I've paid a bit more for old/rare models - WFB3 era or earlier - those are the exceptions, and I still won't pay too much. (And yes, most of my Citadel stuff these days comes cheaply, secondhand from eBay!)

    On the other hand, if I were to sell *my* painted models, I'd certainly expect more than retail for them, because that's what my time and quality of paint is worth to me.

    So what are they worth? Whatever someone out there is willing to pay!