Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blind Pig Games Club - 19th July 2014

Thanks everyone who came and enjoyed another entertaining day at the Blind Pig. Lots happening and I think just about every table was in use. There was an infinity tournament run by Micky, and the BSS. Thanks again to the helpers (thanks Irene for your help today).

Games on today were:
WFB 3rd Ed (yes there is a return to Oldhammer, talk to John McD)
40K (I liked Aaron's Deathguard)
Dystopian Wars
Tiller & Whipstaff (naval battle)
Infinity (tournament)
A Game of Thrones LCG
Rampage (yes it was soooo much fun)
Star Trek Fleet Captains

Next meet is August Saturday 2nd August, see you all there!

Tiller & Whipstaff

Infinity in play

Infinity in play

Rampage boardgame - lots of fun

The hall looking packed

Yes the hall really is packed

1st Place Infinity Tournament (John)

2nd Place Infinity Tournament (Josh)

3rd Place Infinity Tournament (Pat)

Voted best opponent in Infinity Tournament

Wooden Spoon for Infinity Tournament (Jamie)

Group shot for the Infinity Tournament

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