Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blind Pig Club Day 24th May 2014

Thank you everyone for today at the club. The assistance from those who set packed up today was appreciated.
It was a more than busy day today, with lots of visitors coming for the BSS, and lots of people going home with some more nice shinys! Thanks for coming along to those who just visited for the BSS, hopefully you may come and have a game or two next time.
Attendees well over 40 in number.
Games in action today were:
Infinity (good turn out for the tournament, see other post)
WH40K (someone I believe even had the new edition of the rules)
Kings of War
Dad & Sons Wargame (Paul & Mathew)
Dreadball (the League kicked off with two matches played)
A Game of Thrones LCG
Super Dungeon Explore
Love Letter (won by John McD - nobody believes this BTW)
Zombie Munchkin

Encouragement and Dedication Award to James GG who drove all the way back to Brisbane from Rockhampton - just to pop in and get his gaming fix.

A visitor at the BP BSS Day.  His friend bought this for
a tournament he's running (so I heard).


Infinity in action.



Paul having a game with his son.  :)

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