Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blind Pig Club Day 10 May 2014

Saturday was the Blind Pig.  This is the only time I really get to leave the house and enjoy myself with the best group of gamers I have ever met.

Suburbia in play.

Mostly 40K (including a game of 2nd Ed.)


I was involved in a game of Alchemist's Academy to start the day off.  Designed by Ray Williams (who popped in during the day).  I found him to be a really nice guy and I have enjoyed his game, the final product was well made and presented.  Ray brought the game to the club on a number of occasions to play test and show the product off.  Recommend to those who like card games.  Looking forward to seeing anything else Ray designs.

I also got to play a game of Surbubia.  A simulated city style euro game.  I enjoyed it, although I really got the strategy towards the end of the game, and by then it was - well too late.  Good game with James , Scott, and Jason (as well as the spectators who found the game not very exciting to watch)

Last game I got to play was Bang the Dice Game.  This is an excellent, fun and quick game to play.  Will have to get this when I have the cash.  Easy to teach, good party game and apart from my gaff of "what's this dago speak on the card" (Spanish I believe) easy to read and understand cards.

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