Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Night Napoleonics

My little dash of happiness (even if I don't win) for the week.  Prussians versus those dastardly french (yes I always use lower case to refer to them).  Two games had on the night - 1600 points based on the WRG rules.  First game I called as the terrain really screwed me over and I just crumpled.  Second game was closer but I think it would have ended in a french victory although it was called a draw.
Two batteries of artillery really put a crimp in my day (or night in this case).  Any attempts of the cavalry to rush the guns would have spelled disaster.  So a slow slog of infantry in column to chase them off was only half successful.  It also left my flanks somewhat open to pernicious french attention.  Thanks as always to my friend Andrew Ross for entertaining me.

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