Tuesday, May 28, 2013

HotT: Undead versus Human Imperials

Some time ago I decided that with the changes made to WFB I could no longer keep up maintaining my many armies.  So what I did was change them all to HotT (Hordes of the Things) armies.  I think it worked out OK in the end.

Tuesday night is usually my Napoleonics night but my children are working and my wife and distressed me, so I'm playing a solo game with myself.  Firstly to reacquaint myself with the rules, I haven't played a game since early 2000 sometime.

So the Undead were:

1 x Knight (General)
2 x Knights
1 x Rider
4 x Spear
4 x Horde
1 x Behemoth

The Human Imperials were:

1 x Knight (General)
1 x Knight
2 x Riders
2 x Shooters
2 x Blade
1 x Warband
1 x Aerial Hero

Below are shots of the action.

The Undead Army

The Human Imperials

Just after 1st turn.  Deployment.

First serious combat.

The Aerial Hero takes on the Behemoth and forces it to recoil.

Meanwhile on the right flank the cavalry were hacking to and fro.
Holes appearing.

The death.  The shooters caused the Behemoth to recoil, it couldn't and was destroyed. 
This gave the Human Imperials the victory.

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