Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's been a while?

Yes it has been a while since I've posted an update.

Lots has been happening. Children are just about finished school for the year. Only Dana to go and she finishes on Friday coming. Liam is already on hols and is not liking the new regime. Yes I've made a new set of rules for this year.

1. Children will only have 8 hours of access to PC/Consoles a day. 4 hours in the morning and the evening. I think that this more than enough time. My children don't think so but I have to take a stand and be the parent.

2. Children will now do chores. Laundry, rubbish detail and keeping the house clean. I know my son will be fine but my daughter is ignoring the rules. She will learn eventually. No access to Facebook will bring her around.

On the miniature front I've have a week or so of rest. Been sick. Have now recovered enough that I've gone mad. Yes mad, as if you didn't already know that.

So what have I done? I've built 8 Imperial Guard vehicles. Finished a Blood Bowl commission (Humans). Finally completed Sam's Collete Crew for Malifaux. Started to paint the Issue 2 Warheads Collection, and made the insane decision to build my 1/72 scale WWII army.

I've taken an interest again in my Empire of the Petal Throne and am keen to start roleplaying again. Assuming I can find persons mature enough to play the world the way it is meant to be.

Got Luke Aquan's to finish. Really like the new finish. Will have to get back into this game, but there is just so much out there that tempts me.

Well that's it from the Mad One.



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