Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Geoff Jose Memorial Warhammer Tournament

The Geoff Jose Memorial Warhammer Tournament

It was a fun day of three rounds. Thankfully all three of my opponents were excellent chaps and I enjoyed myself even though I got done like a dinner in each round. I think that compared to anyone else there I think that I’d have had to have had the worst luck when it came to die rolls, and here’s why!

Round one: 0-20
Opponent: Pat, Empire
Turn 1, yes turn 1 it all turned pear shape. Pat’s lowly unit of Pistoliers dropped my Lion Chariot of Chrace, causing Panic tests on my Generals Unit of Dragon Princes and a Great Eagle. I failed these tests in spectacular fashion. I thought I was planning a safe strategy by moving up with a terrain feature to secure my flank. Sadly from there my Dragon Princes had nowhere to retreat from (it being a piece of impenetrable terrain) and I lost 677 points in the blink of an eye. The Great Eagle sailed off the table.
Turn 2, it doesn’t get any better. My Silver Helms, not wanting to be run over by the Steam Tank failed to flee far enough away before it to was destroyed.
I then had a small trick of fate where Pat suffered similar adverse combats. In Turn 3 his Knights were rolled into impenetrable terrain and perished, and his General mounted on a Griffon sailed off the table, having failed his rally.
I would have to say that Pat’s unit of Pistoliers (which finally routed in the last turn) raked up a goodly body count. I lost every unit.

Round two: 3-17
Opponent: Jamie, Wood Elves
A game of horrible die rolls. Nothing stood out as badly as the first game, but it was another white wash. I only had my unit of Silver Helms and Lion Chariot of Chrace left on the table at turn 6.

Round three: 3-17
Opponent: Conor, Dwarfs
A horrible, horrible game.
Turn 1 my Mage casts his spell Flames of the Phoenix and miscasts, I then roll snake eyes for the miscast and watch my wizard go up in smoke, taking two of his mates with him. This was not a good augury of things to come.
Turn 2 my Silver Helms attacked Conor’s unit of Hammers, came off second best, routed and was run down by the stunty buggers.
My Lothern Sea Guard proved to be nothing more than target practice for his gunners.
The Dwarf Miners that loitered around till turn 5 managed to mince the Archer Unit in a crush between it and the Hammers that continued to surge forward.
In the end I only had my three characters and the Bolt Thrower left.

So having put this event away I can now concentrate on my Uncharted Seas Event in October.

Now I’m going to have a rest, I got rather exhausted by the day. I’m going to pop my feet up on the couch, settle down to reading Malifaux Rising Powers and War Rocket, while I multitask with my family, TV and my cats.

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