Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friday Update

On Wednesday I got my parcel from Phoenix Forge, in it were a lot of goodies I ordered. Malifaux. Having had a read of the Rising Powers supplement I was chuffed and enthused. With the book came my new Malifaux crew boxes, Ophelia, Colette and Leveticus.

First thing I wanted to do was jump right in and start painting the new figures. However I have about 30 Retribution figures sitting on the table that really need to be finished. I decided that I'd have a better look at the figures and then decide how I'd base them, while I finish the Retribution. I decided to finish the Elves rather than jump ship and paint what I really really wanted to paint. It's hard, because I take a break every couple of hours to rest the old eyeballs and during that time I read the Rising Powers book.

Also in the delivery was my War Rocket rules and some figures (THANK YOU LUKE), which will get me started on my way to building fleets. The Valkeeri (warrior women) have nicely shaped ships that I think will be a joy to paint. So stay tuned for some pictures and updates in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow is the Geoff Jose Memorial Tournament and I shall be trotting out my High Elves for the first time in probably five years. Haven't played a game of WFB since 2005 (I think) so I expect to be hammered. But for me it's what the tournament is about, remembering Geoff, and while I didn't know him apart from passing, it's important that memorials are remembered, that they not be passing fads. So I'm going to have fun, can't give a toss about the rules, I'll muddle through one way or the other.

Till later.

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