Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday's Day of Rest - Not

Did I rest today? No. I have so much that I want to get done before my life bogs down again.

I've started painting more Septics. So I've finished 4 two-man teams of LMG. One Bazooka team of two men. To break things up I finished the frigates for my Human Imperials for Uncharted Sea. All this while watching Primevil Season 2.

At 1:30pm I had to stop to watch my Poirot on Foxtell. This kept me entertained until 5pm, and sadly I did no painting or modelling during this time. David Suchet as Poirot is a master, and matched with Hugh Fraser (as Hastings) I enjoy myself immensely, as I engage those little grey cells.

So tomorrow it'll be back to painting. I've at least three more squads of Septics to paint, as well as the Sherman, 3 Half-tracks and the two recon jeeps.

Sadly I will find my weeks again broken up with hospital visits. Tuesdays and Thursdays now for six weeks. I feel like quoting some English monarch with something like "who will rid me of this troublesome priest" or in my case ill health!

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