Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday's Job Lot

At long last I'm at the point of feeling well enough to tackle the mountain of projects that have simmered while I've been in hospital.

Today I assembled and based my Imperial Fleet for Uncharted Seas. Tomorrow they should be dry and set on their bases: and good enough to tackle and finish off.

Worked on my Septic Tanks (that's Yanks for those who don't know). Assembled a half-track, Sherman, and two recon jeeps. Painting wise I completed two HMG teams, 4 troopers with flame-throwers and 4 snipers. All in 25/28mm scale.

My children finished 1st Term (or was it 2nd?). Report cards came home. Happy that Liam is getting his act together and his grades have improved. Dana's was not the best, but I'm sure she will improve. So two weeks of holidays.

I'll post some more photo's tomorrow.

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