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Saltmarsh Sentinel Issue 5

Editor ~ Abelard Larthe                              Earthday Issue #5, 576

Keledek Tower Darkens
An inky and unnatural darkness has issued forth from the residence owned by Keledek the Unspoken. This has unsettled the residents and those unfortunate to live nearby.
Keledek came to Saltmarsh years ago from Ket and struck an imposing figure at seven feet in height, dusky skinned, bald head and a penchant for wearing bright red silk. 
Recently another visitor from Ket of similar imposing stature came to Saltmarsh, claiming to be a relation named Kedelek.  She has not been seen for some time now and dark rumours surround her disappearance.
Does the darkness bode ill for Saltmarsh or is there some other meaning to this calamity?

Plague Spreads
The mysterious plague that was reported by Grak apprentice of Choldis has spread from the Grove of Brookroot.  Several farms on the outskirts of Dreadwood have fallen silent and upon investigation have been found diseased and empty of life.  Those who investigated have fallen ill and whispers of plague are in the wind.

Cacophony Increases
The incessant croak of frogs in town has now become intolerable.  Residences are finding that sleep is almost impossible to achieve.  The city guard as noted the rise in aggravated assault and violence.
Ferrin Kastilar has promised to investigate the disturbance and has asked that residents not kill the amphibians lest they risk his wrath.

Black Shadow Strikes
The stealthy beast reported earlier has finally taken a victim.  Lambert Palmer the cobbler has returning late from the Empty Net to his rooms located in Crabber’s Cove.
While none saw the actual incident his horribly mutilated corpse lends credence to the attack of that of a beast.
Residents are warned to be wary and seek the company in numbers when traveling after sundown.

Black Spot Kills Sailors
Warale Essryn priest of Pelor assures the citizens of Saltmarsh that the recent death of a sailor from the ship captained by da Mare has nothing to fear from plague.
The malady is linked to an infernal curse which had been thought cured.  The fact that the crew appears to be dying is perplexing and leading to questions as to whether there may be other factors at play.

Crocodile is God
The Lizardfolk emissaries have requested that the people of Saltmarsh respect the crocodiles of the Hool Marshes and surrounding areas. People should only resort to killing the great beasts where their lives are in danger.
According to Garurt and Vyth the crocodile are especially sacred to their tribe and are seen as signs of good omen.  Removing them would bring great calamity to Saltmarsh reasoned the Lizardfolk.

Assassination of Merchant Prince
The body of Aubreck Drallion has been pulled from Saltmarsh Harbour having been assassinated by parties unknown.  How is it known that it was assassination you may ask?  The blade of the Scarlet Order left their blackened blade buried deep in the heart of heart of the once prosperous Merchant Prince.
It is rumoured that Drallion was about to recoup his wealth and make his return to the mercantile world.  It would appear that this is not to be.
The city guards are looking for Drallion’s butler Vertheg, a half-orc of tall, lanky and awkward disposition, other notable features is a single tusk jutting from his lower jaw and he has particularly warty skin.  He is also known for wearing fine clothing - much beyond his allotted station.  His disappearance may be linked to the death of his employer.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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