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The Fabricated Tales of Alpha Capharius Part Four

The Fabricated Tales
of Alpha Capharius
Part Four
Mk I Powered Body Suit designed by Alpha Capharius,
from Imperial records, date unknown, location unknown

+++Personal Encrypted Journal+++
The entity stirred at the sound of its name… It always starts this way doesn’t it a name being uttered and called upon in vain.  I should at this time mention the minor warp entity which goes by Imperial records as S.I.M.O.N which for those deemed to be allowed to live will know, stands for Sentient Interdimensional Manifestation of Nothingness… yes indeed – perhaps a lot of the last, little of the first and a hell of a lot of manifestation in the way of intrusions.  My long and continuing existence has been plagued by this minor warpling, certainly beneficial at times, but capricious beyond measure – taking enjoyment more from the spectacle of observance than in the act.  Think of it as a voyeur of such interdimensional perversion that even the forbidden one Slaanesh has its number on speed dial.
Well there you have it I have divulged another one of the mysteries of the unknown universe, yet another nail in my coffin that the Inqusition and Mechanicus are ever so habitually hammering away at. I am still here, growing, knowing, while they atrophy and eternally fight amongst themselves as the final night draws its curtain. 
+++End Encrypted Journal+++

When last I recorded my magnificent illuminations into the workings around my everyday life, my band of expendables were accompanying Reximus to find one of his allies that he believed would still be found on this wondrous ship of science (isn’t science amazing – a picture reference of a boy with a yellow mouse like creature with a tail in the shape of a lightning bolt jumping from his shoulder flashes through my memory decryptions).  Yes science I say, not the degraded quasi-religious claptrap that the Mechanicus doles out to the brainwashed masses.  Wolf of Iron Francine (slightly increased electrical shock) communicated to me its displeasure that Reximus was taking liberties with its person, though it conceded that he did have the authority to do so.  It did not like it though, and asked that I remind Reximus that it was self aware and had certain “rights”.  I find this notion an interesting one, that a self aware intelligence would think it had rights?  We live in a totalitarian environment, to think that there was ever a thought that anyone had rights was as quaint as thinking there were multiple sexes!  I will find an appropriate moment to have a discussion with Reximus at some point on this issue.

The tainted space that this ship has been occupying is continuing to affect those of us not accustomed to such abnormalities.  That being said the daemon-bred and tainted “humans” in my company seem to suffer little from the adverse conditions while Horst and I struggle with the unnatural nature in which we find ourselves.  Reximus and I continue to broaden the bond of understanding as outsiders in a universe gone mad.  I now have access to a secure and private communication channel with him that the other members are unaware of.  Thankfully it is of such a nature that that pilfering Elsie won’t be able to acquire it, at least not without the aid of a very blunt instrument and some heavy duty cutting machines.  Of course by the time they read this material they will be long dead, their short lives unable to match the eternal state I have achieved – omnipotence, but I get ahead of myself in transcribing my tales.  These events are yet to be revealed!

Reximus has communicated to me prior to the others knowing (in time) that we are searching for his agent Calistar Ironfoot, a diminutive human from the Hammer Held Merchant fleet.  The image that he provided me was of a small person some four feet in height (at best) with a bionic foot or leg, hence the quaint identifying surname.  Wolf of Iron Francine (slightly increased electrical shock), Reximus and I commune on the best course of action and the route to be taken to the last known location where Ironfoot would be found.  It is decided not to share this information with the others in the group, as Reximus is still ascertaining whether they are worthy of his trust, though mine is clearly beyond reproach.  Wolf of Iron Francine (slightly increased electrical shock) plotted the course, a short journey on the intra-highway and in less time than it took Lady B to scratch the returning case of “documented indiscretion” we had arrived.  Wolf of Iron Francine (slightly increased electrical shock) parked in the large vehicle bay, ignored all the warning signs of “Do Not Park Here” and deposited us right beside the required docking entry port.

Wolf of Iron Francine eventually had the capacity to transfer its
intelligence between artifices.  Alpha Capharius created a mobile
weapon system that allowed it to accompany him.
Imperial date, location - unknown.

+++Personal Encrypted Journal+++
There comes a point in your journey with others that you need to almost have to spell out your own “care plan” in the case of an emergency. It was at this point in time that I felt it was necessary to make it extremely clear as to how I wished to be “rescued” or given medical treatment by members of my own cadre.  Sad as it is, Reximus and I had grave concerns of the natives from the warp ravaged planet they were born on.  I made it quite clear that Reximus, followed by Horst were to be the primary caretakers should I be injured or harmed in any way.  Lady B if matters were dire, however Elsie was not to trusted…  my synaptic and binaric cores can still hear the ghost chants of “roll, roll, roll”.  Whether the desires I have expressed are even considered are moot at best, but I felt I had to spell them out, even if it was only to niggle Elsie.
+++End Encrypted Journal+++

With the echoes of “roll, roll, roll” I am directed to the docking bay door and asked to gain entry.  My augments pick up no immediate threats (well about from Elsie and that bloody EMMA), and the doors open with little resistance.  I attempt a small amount of defiance when I see that Elsie is distracted, actually being able to grab him, but failing to propel him into the room with the pretext of getting him to scout the environment.  It’s amazing how Elsie conveniently forgets his role in the cadre when his life might actually be threatened!  Wolf of Iron Francine (slightly increased electrical shock) places itself on alert and agrees to provide military support if I required it.  I was made aware that its nature of self awareness also included its capacity to protect and take action exclusive of any orders given, as long as they did not countermand any given prior.

The security sensors were similar to those we had found (well stumbled upon might be a better word) prior and were easily spotted.  Horst suggested he could deactivate them as he had shown such aptitude before (see Dark Matter weapon use in disarming security systems in Appendix XTC, also catastrophic explosions in Appendix FU2), but before he could do so I managed to located the system.  By my understanding it appeared I had sent the correct codes to deactivate the sensors.  Yes I had sent the correct codes, any stupidity on the behalf of Elsie’s actions are those he generated on his own.  Right then, Elsie, now free of any immediate threat of harm (notice his carefree and gay attitude to events in these circumstances) did what he loves doing.  He followed his 4X philosophy, which while normally associated with the beer of that name refers to his methodology of  explore (i.e. look to see if there is anything about to kill him), examine (i.e. carefully look at what he has found, is it worth keeping), secure (yes I know there isn’t and X in it, but Elsie is not known for his literacy… or intelligence – and by secure that means keep it from anyone, even if it’s of no use to him), and retraction (i.e. again I almost feel sorry for Elsie… almost but – no, another fail at literacy, he thought the sound was right: this will only occur when he has to ditch an item or blame someone else for the purloin or wrong-doing on his part).

Elsie true to form found a crate which contained empty Lho packets, never accepting an obvious ploy by the warpling S.I.M.O.N to hide goodies from a truly deserving malcontent, Elsie dug deeper – hence setting off the trap he failed to detect.  A Jokaero artifact vaguely resembling a three headed, two tailed centipede (primed with a virulent toxin) ambushed Elsie and delivered a lethal dose directly into his bloodstream.  Such was the shock to his system he jumped back, tripped in the mess of his discharged bowels and collapsed to the decking. (Yes, that is indeed what happened, don’t believe a word of what Elsie may tell you might have happened…)  At the same time Lady B shouted shoot, where upon a small debate erupted over whether it was an instruction to shoot Elsie (this got my vote) or the centipede device.  Horst, practical as ever, and not wanting to get a dose of whatever the centipede was carrying - placed a well aimed round of Dark Matter through one of its heads causing the creature to explode in a cloud of “harmless” shrapnel.  Lady B and I then attended the dying Elsie, to be honest we both had conflicting agendas.

Pic feed capture of corrupted Mechanicus personnel
Unknown source.
+++Personal Encrypted Journal+++
Elsie at this point was delusional and clearly panicking as he saw both Lady B and I looking over him.  While Lady B may have been looking at his wounded hand, I was looking into his slowly closing eyes and giving him a very broad and reassuring smile.  Reximus later showed me the digital replay from his recording and I must say that I was shocked to see that where I thought I was giving a reassuring smile and comfort to a patient, it came across more as a maniacal grin and silent laughter, he made reference to an old earth cartoon character called The Joker.  Oh well I’m sure he was pleased with the end results…
+++End Encrypted Journal+++

Lady B wanted the toxin to add to her growing collection, me, well my diagnostics had determined that the poison was quickly making its way to his heart and that a quick removal of that organ would save the organ from the deadly toxin, I’m not sure about the patients survival?  Horst, disgusted with the Byzantine level of politicking and intrigue while a companion (his word not mine) lay dying (we wish, he has more lives than a cat that one) applied one of our dwindling and precious supplies of nano-healers to resuscitate Elsie. I admonished Horst over this waste of a precious resource on what was clearly a mutant, but will leave this matter till a later time.

Lady B spent some time holding Elsie’s hand while administering and tending to the wounds of the onetime hunter.  In truth she had straddled him, pinning him in position so she could scrape every ounce of toxin that was being exuded from his skin.  Reximus was bemused and suggested a private room for such intimate spooning of materials; I just commented that saving his heart would have been more economical.  EMMA hurled a grommet of hardened oil with painful accuracy, nasty little beast.  Why it shows such devotion to a being of low… oh wait, it makes sense now, dumb and dumber – a perfect pair.  Getting back to the toxin scrapping of Lady B, this “sensual” process she was continuing to perform worked some form of magic on Elsie.   Elsie lost his senses and allowed Lady B to touch him, and it was the most unfortunate thing he’d ever done.  Even now he could imagine the pressure of her hands on his. He still tingled from this new passion that banished all others.  He loved her.  Yes Reximus and I, hell even Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock) was affected by this noisome display.  Where once Elsie disdained his betters, he had finally succumbed to the reality he really was at the bottom of the excrement heap and he may as well accept it.  Sucking up to his betters was the best way to survive, and heck Lady B really wasn’t that bad a trollop to look at – as long as you ignored all the blades, poisons and death threats over erectile dysfunction.

While this horrible C grade soap opera was in action I thought I could do something with the Jokaero device and had started to gather up its parts in the hope of assembling it to better understand and duplicate the process in time.  A silent warning of “that would not be wise” from Reximus made me look down at what I had accumulated and to my great interest I saw that the device had started to self repair.  Not wanting to be poisoned I dropped it a discreet distance from me, whereupon, ever practical Horst executed the threat with another Dark Matter round.  I pity the repair crew in patching this ship of the holes Horst is putting in it, I do hope the Ships Spirit is understanding – and take it out on them and not me in the end! 

With the ministrations of “healing” dealt with at last (and about time), Lady B decided that Elsie probably didn’t do a proper job of checking the crate.  It was just as well she did as she would not have found that the trap mechanism had recharged - and then discharged as she clumsily searched the crate.  Her immediate reaction (and petulant reaction) was to shoot the capacitors (she just saw a glowy thing), despite Reximus and I shouting a warning to the contrary.  It did little to stop the events which followed. 

Lady B saw her life flash before her eyes before S.I.M.O.N the warpling laughed and erased her folly from the reality of real space.  What we were left with was far more unkind a fate than an exploding power core.  Lady B found a blackened box which stuck to her hands once she picked it up. This stickiness wasn’t immediately obvious – well not until she tried to put it down, and drawn her Truesilver blade.  Horst suggested unbuckling her armoured gauntlets, my suggestion of cutting off her hands and replacing them with augmented limbs was ignored (though I constantly repeated the offer to no avail, it would have saved a lot of heartache in the end).  I’m sure that looking back at all that will happen, the loss of flesh and bone for an augmented replacement would have seemed a fair trade? 

While we were working out the puzzle of the sticky box Elsie was undertaking the 4X methodology – on his own (always a dangerous occupation fraught with danger).  He discovered an area with corpses and two blinking security sensors which he maliciously determined was best left for me to appraise and disarm.  His return though allowed the group to test a number of hypotheses which sadly did not involve the removal of limbs for augmented upgrades.  Elsie applied his Truesilver blade to the box, which shriveled and squirmed from the touch.  Impulsive as always Elsie then plunged his Truesilver blade into the box, which let us say led to some disturbing outcomes.

The Truesilver blade upon piercing the box made it undergo some transformation or reconfiguration, resulting in the box becoming a book.  Elsie, still frothing with compulsiveness drove the Truesilver blade into the book resulting in a psychic backlash that threw the blue skinned mutants back a few feet.  The rest of the group didn’t even blink, though we are starting to question the stability of the gene-stock of these creatures.  Reximus chose to re-enter the conversation and before Lady B could say antidisestablishmentarianism had commanded her to close the book and hand it over to him.  The fact he nonchalantly pointed what appeared to be a very deadly pistol at her was just the full stop to his sentence (of death if needed).  Lady B swallowed bitter bile, yet again she had been denied forbidden knowledge, Reximus and I shared a knowing look – this one will be a problem if not properly controlled and educated.  Lady B sullenly handed over the book, whereupon Reximus removed from one of his many seemingly spacious armoured suit pockets the paraphernalia required to bind and neutralize a warp object.  I recorded the rituals in the hope that they may be of use, however Reximus said that my current level of ability was insufficient to master the ritual and that I was to be patient.  Once the ritual had cleansed the article, he produced a metal sack with written words or symbols etched into it. I’m not sure which as even with my ability to recall and replay the incident show that they are constantly squirming and moving, thus not allowing me to see clearly what was there.  This sack is another baffling artifact which I’m sure I will master in due time.  Reximus did give me specific instructions that Lady B was not under any circumstances to be allowed access to the bags contents in the event of his disappearance or death.  I swore that a black hole would swallow the system before that would ever happen, he nodded in agreement, a sly grin just creasing the edge of his lips. (It was as if he knew the hidden meaning!)

With this little distraction dealt with Elsie advised us of the room with three corpses and the two security devices (he was having an evil chuckle over this revelation).  Two of the bodies are clearly security forces that we had encountered in other human run sections of the ship; the other is that of a servitor.  My array of sensors were deployed to determine if I could shut them down, and yes it would appear so, the only catch is the requirement of a security code.  Elsie’s chant of “roll, roll, roll” was really starting to irritate me no end.  Pragmatic Horst affects his tried and true method of security system shut down.  His highly accurate first shot, destroys the first sensor – however… the second device activated and fired a deadly return shot.  It was then that the capricious S.I.M.O.N laughed at us from the warp, triggering the power core of the security device to explode.  The result was the vaporization of one of the corpses (yes S.I.M.O.N you may have overlooked this when the nature of the symbol on one of the human security guards was revealed – had all been vaporized as first noted, then who but the warp would have known… death seems to be taking an active interest in my activities as I write this section I foresee and unhappy occurence…), and the hurling of the crate directly at me, YES ME the most important person in this mission besides Reximus at this point in the storytelling.  Horst, nimble as ever, skips out of the way, me I’m just a little too slow.  (My reconstituting body frame still has a way to go before my agility exceeds that of Lady B, okay maybe it will be a long journey, a very very long journey but it has started.)  I start calculating the impact force and begin to dislike the outcome when the impact hits me like an asteroid.  The force field dissipates the primary kinetic damage, yet the crushing weight of the object is another matter and I find that my armour while helpful doesn’t mitigate the fact I’m stuck under a heavy crate.  Horst again is the only one who comes to my aid, while the mutants dash off to search the devastated area in the vain hope of loot.

The crate that nearly ended the brilliant and long life of Capharius was mangled from the blast and bent out of shape from the impact damage with my reinforced musculature.  Left alone I was to be the sole investigator of the contents which proved to contain another of these boxes which have been of interest to Reximus.  As soon as I appraised Reximus of the situation the harpies of opportunity arrive looking to see what they may gain as a benefit.  I tried to seal the crate, but it is so badly mangled that it would not allow itself to do so, almost as if some malign entity had an interest in the outcome.  Reximus looked at the crate and the box and muttered that we were too late and that the summoning had started.  The mutants though snap into primal action thrusting their Truesilver blades into the swirling mass of warp biomatter which had started to appear where the book rested.  In this current state of flux the newly forming entity flinches and avoids the touch of the Truesilver blades, though it does not appear to harm it in any obvious manner.  At this point a brilliant plan comes to mind and I direct Elsie to surround the warp creatures summoned location in Truesilver, he suggests his arrows, I concur.  Reximus is pleased at this application of knowledge and thinking on the fly suggests that we remove ourselves to a distance, whereupon we hear Horst shout “shoot the excrement out of the fornicating thing” from his vantage point at the other end of the sectioned area.  Horst had been disturbed by the entities sudden manifestation and creation and had “fled” though later admitted it was a tactical decision to allow his enhanced marksmanship to assist in driving the creature back to where it had come from (I liked that better than fled).  During the combat, what concerned me and Reximus was the spoken acknowledgment of association between Elsie and this daemon of skulls.  Yes indeed it is recorded as fact that Elsie did proclaim he had sent this particular warp spawn back to the warp, but who was telling the truth about the facts of their association.  Time will tell, and careful monitoring of Elsie will continue, any association with the warp, no matter how little can create a gateway into this realm.  Reximus made this quite clear to all after the battle; however it was killer Horst who dispatched the daemon.  I think the appellation “Killer of Daemons” or just “Killer” will suffice to announce this man’s skills, pity there are no scars to back up his reputation.  Hate to see him end up with “Nancy Boy” or “Pretty Killer” as his name, though maybe “Killer Pretty”…

The battle has been won, but the cost to Horst and I from having to deal with an entity from the warp is taxing.  The mutants prove to me (and Reximus) again of their unnatural nature and yet they show no overt signs of madness or corruption, though you can never be too sure. 

Corrupted Mechanicus pesonnel
Date unknown

+++Personal Encrypted Journal+++
Perhaps an invasive examination might prove what makes them tick?  I suggest inserting the Jakaero Sphere into Elsie to allow it to perform a thorough internal diagnostic, however he seemed reluctant to take a six inch round sphere through any orifice – even with the application of goose fat!
+++End Encrypted Journal+++

With the regular taunting and frivolity concluded (along with threats of physical violence) the pair of mutants could not help themselves but LOOT!  They found that the crate contained skulls each one marked with an eight pointed star, not good Reximus advised us – a lot of people were sacrificed to some dark and malign entity to allow this level of ritual and summoning to be activated as a trap.  Also located was the obligatory stash of high end blank data slates, a fortune if sold, but in reality a death sentence by Mechanicus dogma.  Horst discovered that one of the bodies not vaporized by the previous explosion (yes the warpling is capricious in its forgetfulness, or is it setting the stage for something more sinister?)

When Horst made his strategic retreat he found another room with crates, my linked HUD and my recall had processed this and alerted the relevant looters to the position, to which they promptly made all haste.  It was also at this time the penny dropped and Elsie finally put two and two together and discovered the number 22!  No?  No – really he did that as well, but he finally worked out what the HUD was able to do, and once he did, he would not stop playing with it – or shut up about it.  Sigh…

Elsie and Horst made their way to the room which Horst had identified and which contained four crates and a rather obvious TRAP!  You would have thought they would have learnt by now, but no some lessons have to be learnt the hard way (continually). The process of 4X begins and in the end Elsie prods one of the crates he had opened with his Truesilver spear.  The HUD feed link goes blank, at which time there is a very unmanly high pitched squeal from Elsie.  Later investigation provided the knowledge that both were blown off their feet and hurled away from the source.  Horst had a vision of his impending death wrapped around a pylon, but FATE steps in and he avoids an unwarranted and untimely death.  Elsie had driven his Truesilver blade against a daemonic blade of ritual sacrifice and released the trapped souls within.  Reximus, Lady B and I arrive to see what appear to be souls, vanishing, the whispers or echoes, a sigh of release as they escape the eternity of damnation they would have already been or would have continued to have endured.  The psychic release has placed a strain on all and Reximus is paler than usual, he gingerly takes the blade with special care and places it, wrapped within a marked cloth, inside the metal sack.  I find out later that the blade wept blood of the victims it had sacrificed and that it was evil, ancient and old even by the standard of time when Reximus was “alive” before stasis.  Further examination of the crates finds the diminutive corpse which I fear is that of the person Reximus seeks.  I let him know this through our link and he arrived to assess the situation.  The sorrow and deep sigh of regret he expresses is very human for a man some nine feet in height and perhaps no longer a true man by the definition of it at any time in history.  “Yes,” he explains. “This is Calistar Ironfoot, my agent, the one who was tasked to awaken me if all had gone awry.  Clearly she has found some of the articles of which I had tasked her and she has sealed them against those who would use them.”  There is little that can be done for the corpse.  Lady B asks if there is any burial custom to be performed, and Reximus asks that she undertake the removal of a cranial implant from the base of the skull.  Lady B senses that Reximus is in no mood for mucking about and diligently performs the task, removing a spider like implant which I have seen before.  Reximus nods his head in agreement as he reads my questioning thoughts.  The task complete Lady B hands the implant to Reximus who then attaches it to a fiber link, his only instruction to me is to protect him while he links with the device, I swear I will do so.

No one ever does as they are told to do!  Elsie bored with inactivity has wandered off into his land of 4X, starting off a near simultaneous chain of events that would almost pitch us into the warp.  Yes Elsie finds more potential LOOT options and the capacity to kill everyone.  Horst had removed himself to an overwatch position to see what new threats may appear, proving to be the wisest ally in the group.  Lady B, despite hearing Reximus saying to keep him safe and protected while he completed his task, grew bored.  She could not help herself and had to go and open another crate! The profanities I screamed at her stripped the walls of a millimeter of metal, my anger was palpable and she finally knew she had crossed the line, here she finally realized was someone that was very dangerous, next to him was a person even more dangerous.  Lady B was in deep excrement; at this point in time she could not even touch the bottom.

What happened?  Elsie released a daemon of bone, and Lady B one of hearts.  I found out that Elsie had a grenade, a stasis one at that.  I wonder how the dumb primitive knew what to even do with it, then I remembered Horst had been giving him lessons in modern weaponry so I guess some of it must have stuck.  Elsie tossed the grenade, and ran like a Nancy to the safety of Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock), only to find out that it would not allow him access.  (It had adopted my personality likes and dislikes and had decided that Elsie was not on the welcome list unless specifically given them my Reximus or I.  What a wonderful and prescient artifice, the most endearing intellect I have come across to date.)  He only gained entry with the interference of EMMA, I must fix that loophole, but it was gratifying to note that Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock) was acquiring the dislikes I harboured.  What a wonderful and intelligent artifact (pleasant binaric feedback).

In the room where Reximus, Lady B and I floundered, the warp entity of pulsating hearts started to coalesce.  My only thoughts are to protect Reximus as per his last instructions, and I will die to fulfill that oath.  I use my enhanced frame to drag Reximus away from the summoning location (no mean feat I may add), Lady B attempts to assist, but it is like an ant trying to move a loaf of bread on its own.  Yet the fact she acknowledges her error, and needs to be seen to be doing something to help is what I believe is really driving her with this show of assistance – Reximus can pass judgment should we survive the encounter.

Horst has retreated to the safe vicinity of Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock), setting himself up to unleash a fury of Dark Matter energy at anything from the warp.  Slowly I continued my task of dragging Reximus from the danger zone, when he stirs and is no longer a burden of dead armour.  I quickly apprise him of the situation; mind you Lady B has already done the one mile dash in 6 seconds, clearly dreading an encounter with Reximus over the situation. Reximus is not far behind in his decision over the situation, I’m afraid that my internal reconfiguration is still ongoing and continual so I’m rather slow due to the enhanced and strengthened body frame.  By the time I have reached the docking back door, I see Reximus and Horst in positions to gun down the warp spawned daemons (now just making an appearance), of the others I know not, though Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock) tells me they are cowered inside its armoured hull thinking that a safe enough refuge.

The combat that follows is jumbled and furious, the party would have been lost were it not for the valiant deeds of Horst, Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock) and I.  I learned during this encounter that daemons of the warp are not on the whole friendly with each other.  The daemon of bone which Elsie had released took a massive barrage of missiles from Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock) as it sought to aid me (certainly not panicking).  A missile struck the target (daemon of bone); the remainder flew down the open space and opened up the rest of sections corridors, blowing out walls as if they were paper, allowing further exploration.  The daemon of bone had a nasty surprise for me when it raised its tail and sprayed the area with bone fragments.  Reximus proved agile as ever, I less so, but found the combination of power field, body armour and augmented body just enough to save me from mortal damage. It was as the daemon of bone was preparing to leap into close battle, that the daemon of heart attacked it.  The battle was very short, the daemon of bone was ripped asunder as if a piece of tissue paper – the daemon of hearts did not even pause to consider a victory but went on straight into battle.  Things then became very focused and confusing, Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock) released another truly devastating volley of missiles, Horst again proved his title “Killer” but when we thought it would surely succumb, it had healed itself before our very eyes.  Reximus had been knocked unconscious from the missile salvo; I was down to actually engaging the daemon with my dark age axe.  Then the capricious warpling played its trump card, a catastrophic conjunction of events led to a warp gate appearing and sucking the daemon back to its own reality.  Reximus though was still unconscious and unable to stop his armoured form from being sucked into the warp.  While I had succeeded in saving myself from being pulled in I had to do something for Reximus.  It was then that Horst shone forth, the fragile human from the hives, he had managed to secure himself and grab Reximus, but his human strength was insufficient to stop the armoured giant being sucked into the warp.  I then made the ultimate decision, hell I had made the decision a long time ago, I can’t go back, Reximus is the only one I can see as an ally, if I cannot save him, then I will follow him into the warp and share his fate.  Whether or not the fable of the God Emperor has truth and that there is a greater power in the universe than those beings that maliciously inhabit the warp, but my “oath of the moment” must have been heard as I found I had grabbed Reximus and Horst and with the aid of my augmented strength managed to hold on long enough for the gate to close.  The relief I felt at having survived, is the most “intoxicating” that I have felt outside of direct contact with the ships spirit and Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock).

The dealing of encounters with the warp is troubling and Horst and I suffered again.  The resultant byproduct has left me with an intense phobia of crates; so much has happened due to the stupidity of the mutants that I now can’t even think of opening one without seeing visions of the daemonic spawn.  My ever helpful mutant companions think this is a wonderful joke, constantly asking me to open crates at every opportunity, but I am not interested. I am the one who has to live with these constant fears, I will try to master them in time.  I am hoping that access to a proper workshop and system mainframe may remove this malady.  I am sure that if there are any items that would be beneficial to me Reximus or Horst would see that I would know of it.  Horst was to admit to me later in life that his nightmare from this time was pulsing organs, he said even that of an engine feed or similar function was enough to bring him out in sweats.    

Personal powered armour of High Marshall Horst.
Date unknown

+++Historical Footnote+++
It has been noted throughout the period of time in which Alpha Capharius operated, he was never greedy.  He did not seek to rule, he was only interested in the good that could be achieved from the use of technology in bettering people’s lives.  Not just for the wealthy was the technology he produced or maintained (the ones who could afford it) but the average citizen and for the weak and the poor.  He created schooling programmes for technological devices that escaped the notice of the Inquisition and Mechanicus for centuries.  While the purges were dreadful to behold, after a while like a stray seed in soil, and the process would start again.  From the dark would be whispered “I am AlphaCapharius”.+++End Historical Footnote+++

Reximus spoke of an “oath of moment” to both Horst and I, saying that our actions were worthy and that he would not forget them and that his “acknowledgment” of our duty would be recorded and our reward of great potential.  A short period of time elapsed as the group assessed the situation.  Had any alerts be raised?  The newly opened wall sections Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock) missiles created had to be investigated.  Horst was again on the ball and on duty, ever vigilant for danger.  Lady B and Elsie were too busy playing “handsies” behind some crates…  Reximus and I were in consultation on what action to undertake next.  Eventually a move was made, and yes it was Elsie - off on another 4X maneuver.  The shattered wall section opened onto an area that revealed bones, lots of them.  Reximus indicates that these must have been the poor souls whose lives had been sacrificed to create the daemons we had encountered. 

I should point out that the group did not have a loyalty to support each other.  Horst was annoyed by this, I equally so, Reximus just saw this as the base nature of primitive cultures.  Lady B and Elsie buggered off on their own – again.  Lady B had returned to the room where the daemon of heart had been found and was rummaging about for loot.  Were it not for the feed to her body armour I would say the group would not know what was happening.  The link to Lady B went dead; we have now associated this phenomenon with psychic or warp intrusion.  So the group made a dash to the location with every intent to destroy whatever had been summoned (I was almost hoping it was Lady B).  There we found Lady B in a new form of body armour none of us was familiar with (though Reximus later identified it as psychic armour).  Horst and I both did sensor sweeps and found the suit fully enclosed with no weak points.  Someone did ask how Lady B was going to excrete, oh wait that was me, but the capricious warpling just giggled at the suggestion – I think it was enjoying Lady B’s discomfort.  Eventually Elsie turned up and he placed his Truesilver blade against the armour, I’m still thinking it a daemonic possession until proven wrong.  Yet all Lady B can see is the benefits she has attained, enhanced physical abilities, the morphing weapons - blade and gun type.  The gun type proved to be deadly to all concerned!

Of course Lady B, never to be put off with just a simple find of the armour, believes there must be more “goodies” to be found!  Why yes there is, another one of those deadly boxes – and before anyone can stop the stupid unthinking hag from the nether regions of syphilis she had unknowingly created a flame weapon of unknown type and configuration.  Purple flames (definitely from the warp) gushed forth from the weapons muzzle, engulfing the book and ALSO creating a backwash of flames into the area surrounding her.  Horst is agile as a cat and avoids the worse, I have to call upon the inner strength of a custom recently made know to me, shouting “69 dude” I avoided the flames, though I tripped and flayed about like a cat on a hot tin roof, far less graceful than pragmatic Horst.  As the flames die away the book is found to be cleansed!  Any taint appears to be gone, and before Lady B can even begin to start leafing through the book and start adding to her corrupted catalogue of sins she feels the pressure of Reximus’ gun to the base of her skull as he directs her not to read the book and hand it over immediately.  He is amazed that the book, while still a threat, has had the taint and corrupt symbols removed.  He adds it to the bulging sack of proscribed items.

To the group in general, and he reluctantly included the mutants, he offers this caveat. “I was given a message before I left old earth, which truth be told I placed little faith in.  It said that if all seemed lost and my agents had been compromised then I would be found and assisted by group of lunatics containing a son of alpha.” Reximus looked rather doubtful as he said this, still thinking he had some doubts as to the veracity of the message, though the lunatics part he seemed to agree with. 

Lady B is beside herself with her new suit, which she decides to name Zoot (I guess small things amuse small minds, maybe this might keep her off the path to damnation).  I think it is perhaps a tragic name, with the taint of the warp linked to it.  I think it has a link with Slaanesh the wicked bad naughty zoot, that’s what dingo said, setting the beacon alight which is grail shaped, it’s not the first time we’ve had this problem, wicked bad, naughty, evil zoot, punishment – tie her down on a bed and spank her, then spank the rest, then after that the oral sex… hang on - has my system been corrupted by the warp.  System analysis now being done, no – just an old data file that must have been inadvertently been lodged while looking at the data slates Horst discovered.  Some holo-movie called Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Reximus laughs when I mention this and finishes the reference with “I bet you’re gay!

Lady B also finds out a side-effect of her new armour - it does not like anything else being added or carried, and she drops all this unconsciously!  A rather amusing circumstance as we see the malady play itself out, this provides further proof to the “humans” that Lady B and Elsie are clearly warp touched mutants, dangerous - but like grenades useful if detonated in the right place.  All Lady B’s possessions are taken back to Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock).  It is at this time Reximus becomes aware of some of her possessions and an interrogation begins.  The old earth latin book and data slates are the primary source of contention.  Reximus is most concerned that none have been able to read it, I was never allowed sufficient time or access so I’m safe.  I believe that Reximus now has Lady B under more clandestine observation than she is aware, which is of course, all for the good of the group and the universe.

The book proves to belong to the “captain” and has much forbidden terminology within, which is why he questioning with an unwavering pistol pointed at Lady B, his demeanour stern and unyielding.  Reximus places the book into the iron sack amongst the other tainted or cleansed items, again reminding me of my oath to keep the bitch away from the contents at all costs.  As if he needs to remind me! As to the ancient data slate he talks to himself as he skips through it, my link allows me to catch glimpses, though I feel that they are only those he chooses to share.  Symbols, heraldry, references to legendry names and places – Reximus even laughs at one point saying, look I’m even in this one!  While I saw the page and can recall it, there were at least thirty names on the page, none of them Reximus.  Satisfied that he doesn’t need to terminate anyone he motions that the group should continue on with its 7 year mission, he chortles at that reference…

The movement that Horst had spotted in one of the rooms cleared by Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock) missiles proved to be a security sensor in the shape of a ball running along a tracked rail in the ceiling.  It scanned the group, but did nothing else; no one decided to deactivate it.  Horst missed his chance to waste some more precious Dark Matter rounds, which are slowly being depleted – it’s why I use a pistol on single shot. 

Reximus links with me and reveals that Ironfoot must have discovered a number of these forbidden artifacts and managed to seal them away from the tainted followers of the warp.  Both he, Horst and I are fast becoming annoyed with this term dragonkin, the primatives are clearly going to have to adapt or …  Our reverie is broken as Horst reports that the area is littered with bones, lots and lots, but of the skulls – there are none.  I am hoping at this stage that the skulls were those already discovered, but looking at the number of bones I fear that that may not be the case.

A room containing a number of unsettling crates have been located by Elsie, it worries me that he has that evil glint in his eyes again as he asks that I open them.  I can easily see these crates are of a variety not requiring my skills and after an extensive sweep for traps leave the looters to their labours.  Elsie’s constant chant of “roll, roll, roll” echoes around the environment, but I ignore the primitives’ poor attempt to provoke me and settle down to find some peace and quiet, what little there is on this ship.  The group is ecstatic with their finds, Horst finds a mastercrafted meltagun, Elsie a sabre of such workmanship that it is capable of slicing through metal, Lady B finds a handgun which is a match for the armour she wears (a flachette firing catapult) and finally a missile launcher suited to be mounted on an exo-suit of powered armour.

Exhausted and needing to return to Wolf of Iron Francine (gradually increasing electrical shock) with these items and to restock some supplies Horst spots one last chamber near the entrance docking port that has not been investigated.  A missile trap is detonated flinging the investigating members in all directions; I of course along with Reximus had no interest in such foolery.  Yet I am asked, after the smoke has cleared to investigate the crate (to the chants of “roll, roll, roll”), which I did, found the trigger trap and disarmed it.  I then left, the silly fools managed to find another trap in the process and detonated a far more satisfying explosion this time – punching a hole all the way through to the deck below.  When the dust clears, Lady B has vanished?  Where did she go?  Am I finally free of this warp tainted daemon spawn?  Knowing my luck, not a chance in the Forge!

Corrupted Forge World Fabricator General
Date unknown
+++Personal Encrypted Journal+++
I continue……
S.I.M.O.N floats in the warp, it is pleased with the offerings
+++End Encryped Journal+++

+++Appended Encrypted Note+++
Hey who’s been mucking about with my notes?
Sod off you bastard, before I get angry and have to come looking for you!
+++ End Appended Encrypted Note+++

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