Sunday, September 6, 2015

Undead for Kings of War

I played my first game of 2nd Edition Kings of War at the Blind Pig on Saturday 5th September (and lost).

It was a really fun game to play, the fact I'm not having to remove casualty figures makes it even more enjoyable (although one purist complained that it was too abstract a game, then asked if I'd play 8th Ed WFB).  I'll play any set of rules which my figures will function in with little or no rebasing.  That's why I found KoW a no brainer when I decided to play it.  Virtually everything I have for WFB will transfer across.

I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday making large movement trays and reforming my troops.

Hopefully I shall be able to do Orcs and Elves without much drama.

The models at the back half of the photo are troops that haven't made it across of KoW (yet). 

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