Friday, March 20, 2015

Blind Pig Club Day 21st March 2015

A very humid day at the club.  Slow to start but numbers picked up and we had well over 30 people attending.  The Buy Sway Sell was well attended with many happy people taking home new "toys".

Thanks of course to everyone who helped set up and pack up on the day.

Games in play today were:

Battle Fleet Gothic
Warhammer 40K
Wild West Exodus
Dreadball League
A card game (all I can remember was Professor Elemental in the details) - was cool once I knew what I was doing!
Zeppelin Attack
Bang! the Dice Game

Alex enjoying a game of DBA with the Mystery Man!

Dreadball League game - Mick versus Brendan.

Michael S the Dreadball League organiser enjoying a game.

Zeppelin Attack card game.

The club fan now enjoying a game of BFG.

Planetfall game in action.

Another game of Planetfall.

Simon and Tye enjoying a game of Wild West Exodus.

40K Game in action.

40K Game in action.

Buy Sell Swap table 1.

Buy Sell Swap table 2.
(No the child - Aidan, was not for sale!)

Infinity game.

There will be no club meet in April.  The next meeting is May 2nd 2015.  Other dates in May are the 16th and 30th.

Have a safe and fun Easter and we'll catch up with you in May.

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