Thursday, January 30, 2014

Going back to (old) school

Recently I have found that among the many people I know there is this desire to return to the past and play the games that we used to have the most fun with.

So at present I have to come up with a 3000 point Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army from the 3rd Edition.  You know the hard bound rule book and army book of the day.  Looking at Orc & Goblin at present as they seem to be what I can field the most in.  I also get to use my Goblin Organ Gun that has been sitting and gathering dust for ages.

Next is Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition.  Looking at Orks again at this stage.

Warzone, who remembers that old game!  I've been patiently collecting the old figures from people who dabbled in the day.  Been able to collect them for a reasonably cheap price, which is always good.  It's 1st Edition of Warzone.

Fletcher Pratt's Naval War Game Rules.  Have not played these rules yet, but I am looking forward to a game at the club in the very near future.  No dice!

Playing Napoleonics with the WRG rule set from 1977 (I think) titled "Wargame Rules 1685-1845".  I have Prussians that I must get around to expanding on.  Though Russians and Austrians might tempt me at some stage.

Who knows what else there is, I guess I just have to find and old soul or two.

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