Sunday, February 19, 2012

Painting and Tips

So here we are, painted at last.  The good news is that I am finding some satisfaction in painting and modelling.  It's been gone a long time and I think what may have killed my passion was the pressure to perform and produce commissions for people.

So for the moment I will only doing things for me, for a while at least.

Painting Tip #1- Black Undercoat
When I prepare to paint a figure I always (but not in some cases) undercoat my figures in black.  After the undercoast has dried I dry brush over the model lightly in white.  This picks out a lot of details that I could have missed if I did not do this.  (Note with advancing age and a reduction in eye sight, every "trick" that helps is a bonus.)

Modelling Tip #1 - Stages of Work
I find that I like to do things in a certain order.  Whenever I glue models together I like to allow a day to pass before I move on to the next stage of preperation.  With undercoats or ink washes, I allow an hour or more depending on the temperature and humidity.  So while I am painting models I will have waiting - models drying, models completing the glue adhesion, and models awaiting bases "flocked".  I also rotate in the building of models and selection of projects to work on.  However, be careful, if you get to carried away with building and undercoating and waiting for a start, you may find that you build up too much "backlog", you feel swamped and you tend to end up with a box of projects that can sit there for ages.  I am at this stage trialling the 3 project system.  One group waiting for prep, one group being painted, and finally one group waiting for the final touches.

Well that's it for today.  Have fun, and may fate smile on you kindly.

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