Sunday, January 15, 2012

65 days

Sixty-five days, that says it all.

During that time I have been absolutely miserable - and I've let the world at large know it.

Yet during this time I was blessed with the kindness of one man.  Not some one local in Brisbane, not one of the group of people who game with me, but a friend I have known since Grade 6, a friend who lives hundreds of miles away in Sydney.  I'm talking about Michael Mulhern.  He in his generosity and kindess sent me a tablet a SuperPadIII, no strings attached, no expectations of recompense in kind.  His act of kindness gave me that spark of happiness that has been missing during this period.

So the year marches on.  My children are starting school on the 25th and I have worked out that I will be sacrificing almost 70% of my pension to get them through school.  This hurts, but it's the one thing that I was determined to give my children - a Catholic education.

With my wife and daughter now engaged in employment my capacity to get any time to attend clubs or events this year is looking doubtful.  So I'm spending more and more time with just myself and my internal monologue to keep me company.

My period of ennui continues.

I am extremely bitter and will most likely continue in this frame of mind for some time.  As I have posted elsewhere, existence is pointless without purpose. 

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