Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MERCS the game so far...

Well I got my copy of MERCS today. It's a rather nice production, glossy and all.

What didn't I like. The fact that there is no game data for the MERCS factions. I wanted to compare the factions and the models to see which ones would appeal to me. There were none. You have to buy the cards as a set for all the information. No they don't include the card with the miniature.

So I'll give the game a go. It looks interesting if extremely limiting. I'm not sure that I like the card system. Clearly an investment in some 2D game mats might be in order, assuming I can find a supplier that well send them to me at a reasonable rate. Be nice if you could order them through some online printing business and pick them up here from an outlet, but hey that would be too helpful.

So I'm going to order the USCR as my second faction and leave it at that. If the game proves entertaining I may then lash out and get some others. Time will tell.

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