Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stone Fever 2011

Late last year I was approached by Luke of The Phoenix Forge. He wanted a man who would be willing to run events for him. The end result was me taking on the role of event organiser for Mr Luke.

The first event of the 2011 calender was Stone Fever, a Malifaux tournement. I did originally have 12 people, but in the end 10 made the day.

I was very happy with the event. The people were a dream to have as players, and I'd love to have had the opportunity to play any of them in a social setting. So thanks to everyone who player, The Blind Pig for the venue and The Phoenix Forge for the prize support.

Prize support was:
4 x $50 Phoenix Forge Vouchers
1 x Lucius Box Set
1 x Hamelin the Plagued Box Set
5 x 2011 A5 Malifaux Rulebook
Each participant also got a $5 (I think) Gift Voucher from the Phoenix Forge.

So for a $15 investment people made at least a $5 profit on the day.

1st Place - Adrian Scott
Best Wagon - Owen O'Neill
Best Painted - Tye Rosenberg
Last Place - John Ross

I look forward to next years event. Maybe doubles?

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