Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wild Wild West!

Reminds me of a pop song from the 90's (I think) by Culture Club or something like that. Sad but true. Anyway here is a Wild West Town I built many years ago when I was associated with the Warhounds (QMGC). I think I built it back in 2005 or so and parts of it have been sitting out in the dreaded shed. The dreaded shed is where I lock away those things that are too dangerous to remember. Family secrets, the past, things like that. So for me to venture into the "shed" was a big adventure. After battling the ghosts I only had to contend with reptiles and red backs. A minor inconvenience. So here are the pictures of the town. I think that I'll have to restore it a bit. It's rather sad, and pales to insignificances when compared to the work of the Master Fabricator Bec.

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  1. It was Escape Club, silly me Culture Club was Boy George (which my wife still listens to!).